Cream of Legends - VR Cosplay X

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Studio: VR Cosplay X
Model: Anissa Kate Andpussy Kat
Genres: Cosplay

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:35:18
Resolution: 2880x1440
Size: 3 GB
Device: Gear VR and PC 360 Video Player

Description: As you walk through the jungle with Ahri, her instincts sense danger and she goes on her own to investigate. But while the beautiful Nine-Tailed Fox is absent, you look down and suddenly realize you just stepped on a trap. Having caught you, another fierce female storms at you, trying to kill you; yet right before Nidalee's spiked Javelin can touch you, Ahri comes back and charms her, effectively turning this Bestial Huntress into a horny creature that neither of you can resist. Put your VR headset on to have a wild threesome with these two hot babes in the middle of the jungle. Experience what a truly moist nexus feels like; both of these sexy champions are under your control now.