Private Dance - Fakehub Originals

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Studio: Fakehub Originals
Model: Thomas Hyka, Steve Qute, Lola Bulgari

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:21:25
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 417.9 MB

Description: In a dim-lit underground strip club, best buddies Steve Q and Thomas H are looking for the perfect dancer for their perverted fantasies, As the red lights flicker, the friends come across Lola Bulgari, a lone dancer showing off her seductive moves on the pole, Catching a glimpse of Lola's big tits in her see-through lingerie, the pair of pals take a seat on the lip-shaped couches meant those wishing to court the dancer's favor, Lola shakes her big ass for the horny studs, then hops off the stage for a little lapdance action, Feeling their throbbing erections through their pants, Lola takes their cocks out and starts teasing the guys, Teasing turns to pleasing as Lola gives them each a blowjob before asking if they'd like to fuck her, Quicker than any stripper in the club, both guys are naked and pounding away at Lola's tight pussy, taking turns in her holes before they both cum on the strippers pretty face!