Puddle Play with Vanessa Cage - Family Therapy

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Studio: Family Therapy

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Description: It was just another rainy afternoon and I was watching old westerns on TV when my sister Vanessa came inside wearing nothing but a rain poncho! She said she was out playing in the puddles. I askedher if she thought she might get in trouble for basically being naked outside. She said it was ok because nobody was around. My sister's been acting really crazy lately... THEN SHE ASKED IF SHE COULDBLOW ME!?! I told her we're not allowed to do that! But she didn't care and our parents wouldn't be back for a few hours so I figured fuck it-- nobody would know... My sister started sucking mydick-- it felt so good!! But since we went that far I figured we could try sex. MY LITTLE SISTER'S PUSSY IS SO TIGHT! I almost came a few times. After pounding her from behind I couldn't hold backand I came in her mouth. After today I've realized I need to hang out with my little sister more often!!!