In Daddy's House - Family Therapy

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Studio: Family Therapy

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Description: I wasn't always a good girl... When my Daddy found me I was living with bad men doing bad things. Daddy changed all that. He saved me. He brought me home, put me back in school, and bought mepretty dresses. He told me it was all my Mom's fault that I was bad. He said I just needed a firm hand. Daddy was right. I do my best to do my chores and listen to everything he says, but sometimes Imess up. I'm so grateful to be home with Daddy because he always makes sure I learn my lesson. I don't always know why I'm being punished but eventually I'll learn, at least that's what Daddy says. Imust be the luckiest daughter in the world to have a Daddy who loves me so much.... ***Starring Roxanne Rae***