Big Sister's Girlfriend Experience - Family Therapy

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Studio: Family Therapy

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Description: My date last Saturday night didn't go as well as I had planned... He wouldn't even put his hand on my lap in the movie theater. It was really weird, maybe he was gay. I don't know what was wrongwith him but I never have any problems with boys. Basically everybody at school wants to date me, or at least fuck me... After that loser dropped me off at home I was bored and decided to see what mylame little brother was doing. He was being even more pathetic than usual. I made fun of him for awhile, but then I actually started feeling sorry for him. All alone on a Saturday night. And I knewhe was lying when I started asking him why he never went out with any girls. My little brother is kind of cute in a nerdy way and I wanted him to feel better... I was only going to let him touch myboobs a little, I just wanted my brother know what having a girlfriend was like... I didn't mean for things to get so carried away, but I'm not worried, I know my little brother can keep a secret....***Starring Kaylee Jewel***