The Blonde Experience - Family Therapy

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Studio: Family Therapy

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Duration: 01:04:29
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Description: Daddy's Good GirlsI hated my big sister. I hated that she had to move back home a few weeks ago, I hated that she was always coming home late and making noise, that she was huge a slut, and I really hated that shenever cleaned up after herself... Until yesterday I just hoped that Dad would kick her out soon. I went in her room yesterday afternoon to complain about something she did, and I saw my big sistertouching herself. My curiosity got the better of me and she caught me watching her. Pretty soon she was teaching me how to do it myself... Then Dad came in. He started yelling at us but Rikki sawthat he had a boner and grabbed it... Things got really crazy after that, but I was so excited that I was doing all these new things with my Daddy and my sister that I wasn't scared and I didn't feellike a slut at all... Dad told us we're not allowed to talk about what happened to anyone, but I don't care, I can't wait for us to make Daddy happy again... I was so wrong about my big sister, now Iwant to be just like her....The Sister ExperienceThat was a really nice place. We should go out like that more often... Listen baby, I wanted to talk to you about something... I know you've been enjoying our role play, right? I know it makes youwet when when I call you my sister and touch your pussy... Remember when you thought it was weird? But you tried it and now you like it... Well what if we tried something else new?... Lily, can youcome in here? Baby, this is my real little sister Lily... Don't be mad baby, I want to do this for us, all you have to do is trust me....Big Sister/Little Sister PlaytimeDon't worry about that... Nobody is going to hear us. It's late, and you know this feels good... Why? Because we want too, that's why. You don't have a choice, we want to play with you... Now shutup and maybe you'll learn something....***Starring Lily Rader & Rikki Rumor***