The Babysitter Experience - Family Therapy

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Studio: Family Therapy

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Description: First off, we didn't even need a babysitter. My brother and I are both in our thirties, but for whatever reason our Mom still doesn't trust us to be alone in the house if she's gone for more thana day. Yeah I guess we're losers, who cares, but that's not important... Anyway, this time our Mom left for a vacation in Panama City Florida or some shithole like that, and asked her friend Sara towatch us. Sara used to babysit us all the time when my brother and I were younger and we both had crushes on her... But it had been awhile since we had seen her last. So a few days into her"babysitting" us, she leaves alone for a few hours to go on a date... When Sara came home she was acting very strange, and that's when things got really interesting....***Starring Sara Jay***