Filth Scale: 10 - Assylum

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Studio: Assylum
Model: Olivia Kasady, Nurse Holl

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:48:10
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 875.9 MB

Description: Dr. Mercies picked Olivia for an especially degrading, rough, and sick anal fluids treatment. You see, this is the last time he plans to offer therapy before turning the Assylum into a mad world where girls simply get used in crazy ways, and he wants the medical office to go out with a bang. He starts by telling Olivia he's going to diagnose her to see just how filthy she is. This means doing one nasty thing to her after another to see how much she can take. We're talking about real painal with an anal tunnel plug, a very nasty drink out of her ass, hard anal sex with zero pussy stimulation, and lots of slapping, spitting, spanking, and cum punishment. Nurse Holl assists with a straightjacket before conducting further tests of her own. Others fake it, we make it.