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Studio: Fakehub Originals
Model: Amirah Adara, Ricky , Michael Fly

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:32:27
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 635,6 MB

Description: Michael Fly and Ricky are hot-shot tennis stars...or at least they hope to be so they can impress the beautiful court attendant Amirah Adara. Though the men attempt to impress her with their ball handling, Amirah makes her own fun by pulling their pants down. As the guys compete, Amirah keeps trolling them, and frustrated, they storm off the court. Back in the locker room, Amirah catches a glimpse of Ricky changing, so she teases him with a blowjob, and then spreads her ass for him to fuck her pussy. Riding Ricky hard, Amirah cums, then runs off, leaving him cock in hand! Trying to relax in the sauna, Ricky joins his rival Michael, but suddenly, Amirah joins too. Putting aside their differences from the court, all three competitors share a sexy poolside threesome that ends in a double facial!