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Studio: Fakehub Originals
Model: Alicia Fox, Ricky , Monique Woods

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:32:44
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 642,2 MB

Description: It's a new morning in the Ricky Rascal/Alecia Fox residence, and while Alecia rests, her hubby gets ready for work. As soon as Ricky leaves, Alecia texts her lesbian lover Monique Woods that the coast is clear, and they quickly race up to the bedroom. In bed, the blondes kiss, then lick and suck each other. With a handful of tits, Alecia is startled when she hears the front door open and Ricky coming home. Monique hides as Ricky confronts Alecia, who manages to convince him nothing is wrong with her pink pussy and an awkward blowjob. When Ricky starts to fuck Alecia doggystyle, Monique can't do much else but watch, so Alecia asks Ricky to go check the laundry machine. With the intention of making Monique cum, Alecia eats her pussy, and the lesbians get caught by Ricky who is mad until they offer him a peace offering: a horny threesome!