Fake Taxi To Fake Hostel - Fakehub Originals - HD/MP4

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Studio: Fakehub Originals
Model: Georgie Lyall, Frida Sante, Steve Qute

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:31:08
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 612,8 MB

Description: Backpacking their way to Paris, horny besties Frida Sante and Georgie Lyall have been hiking for what seems like forever, but just can't seem to find the road! Off in the distance, Georgie spots a true-to-life London taxi. Telling the driver what little money they have, the couple offer him a little incentive to take them for a ride by showing off their tits, shaking their asses, then sucking his dick! A double blowjob and rimjob follows, and as the driver gets more and more excited, he makes Frida squirt onto Georgie's face! After the driver cums on both of their tongues, he invites the ladies back to the hostel he is the Landlord of...to be continued!