Fake Driving School - Barbies Sins hot wild anal ride - HD/MP4

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Studio: Fake Driving School
Model: Barbie Sins, Ryan Ryder
Role: Driving Instructor
Place: Car

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:48:18
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 951,8 MB

Description: I was on my way to a lesson when I got a call from Barbie Sins. I was surprised to hear from Barbie, because she had stopped answering my calls. Barbie sounded a little chaotic, and told me she had just had a procedure so she needed a lift somewhere. I went to meet her, and it turns out the procedure was a boob job! Barbie was headed to a date so she wanted my opinion about if her tits looked and felt real. She really wanted to impress this guy, because she also showed me she had been wearing a butt plug all day because he loved anal! I helped her get it back in, and while I was fucking her with the dildo, Barbie grabbed my cock. She gave me a horny sloppy blowjob and I fucked her raw in the backseat. Her new tits did feel great, but not as good as when I creampied her ass!