Fake Driving School - Fake instructors hot fuck with minx - HD/MP4

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Studio: Fake Driving School
Model: Dean Van Damme, Georgie Lyall
Role: Driving Instructor
Place: Car

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:47:33
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 929,8 MB

Description: I had booked a lesson with Ryan Ryder today, but to my surprise, the Mean Orange Machine was empty. Ryan had forgot to record our lesson in the diary, but he would only take 30 minutes to get to me, so I decided to just chill. Bored, I saw his FDS shirt on the seat, so I decided to try it on. Look at me, I was Ryan! All of sudden, Georgie Lyall showed up. Apparently, Ryan had booked a double lesson, but she didn't know I wasn't Ryan. I was embarrassed, and she had great tits, so I took her out for a "lesson." She figured out pretty quickly that I wasn't an actual driving instructor. She was right upset, but when she saw no one around, she figured out a way to make up for lost time: hopping on my big cock! Georgie gave me a blowjob, and that made her pussy so wet my cock slid right in to fuck her doggystyle. We fucked all over the Mean Orange Machine, and then I came all over the dirty girl's mound.