Female Fake Taxi - I'm sorry I fucked your wife - HD/MP4

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Studio: Female Fake Taxi
Model: Ricky Stone, Ava Austen
Role: Cabbie
Place: Car

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:34:21
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 672,5 MB

Description: Ricky Stone got in the cab today, a Hungarian bloke who was on his way to West Malling to see his friends. Ricky asked me if I knew any Hungarians, and it took me a minute, but I realized I had a Hungarian woman in the cab twice recently. Turns out she was Ricky's wife! I tried to apologize, but surprisingly, Ricky wasn't angry... he was turned on! Ricky and his wife were swingers, so I asked him bluntly if he wanted to fuck me too. I was game for it, he looked good, and I could tell he had a good cock, so I got into the backseat to compare his technique with his wife's! We made out a little and Ricky sucked my tits, then I gave him a sloppy blowjob and he ate my pussy. I had a hard time choosing whose tongue I preferred, they were both amazing! It was such a beautiful day that we got out of the cab and Ricky fucked me doggystyle on the hood of the car, then I wanked him off for a huge facial.