Czech Bitch 29 - Love for cash - LQ/MP4

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Studio: Czech Bitch
Role: Cabbie
Place: Car

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:34:44
Resolution: 704x396
Size: 333,4 MB

Description: Time for some proper fucking! Easy women and love for sale, that's Mirek's world. He is the king here! This infamous whoremonger is out of his lair again, hunting. He needs a w proper whore to satisfy his lust. And here comes the young street walker in fur. She is pretty and looks innocent, like a student who just came here to earn some pocket money. Her price is way too high, but our hunter has a cunning plan. He'll use the unguarded moment and throw the condom under the seat. He is the boss and the game is played by his rules!!! This young slut is talented and her sucking skills are excellent. Mirek nearly came into her mouth and that's something that doesn't happen often! Mirek fingers her, fucks her and then sets her free again. Good hunt! This is the real world of Czech hookers. Everything has a price! Try that for yourself!