Czech Taxi 13 - Brutal mega squirt - LQ/MP4

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Studio: Czech Taxi
Role: Cabbie
Place: Car

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:50:01
Resolution: 704x396
Size: 474,1 MB

Description: This is something you've never seen before! The taxi driver came across an incredible customer. A fabulous blonde. Tall and long-legged, looking like a model. A professional massage therapist. With deft fingers. I'll give you a ride and you give me a massage. Fair deal. All the driver had to do was to touch her, and she melted in delight. This dude specializes in G-spot massage. The chick moaned and squirted all over the cab!!! A squirting massacre in a Czech cab! The guy is a Squirtsurfer! He's fucking her! He's fingering her! And the chick has one wet orgasm after another and her pussy juice lands even on the steering wheel! This is true multi-orgasmic zeal! Her hot juices are all over the place! Upholstery needs to be changed after this. Take a raincoat!