Customers Wife Wants The D! - HD/MP4

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Studio: XXX Pawn
Role: Shopper
Place: Shop

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:37:45
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 688.8 MB

Description: Another beautiful day in the Pawn shop. My day is going as planned, nice and smooth. Then some dueche-bag walks in with his sexy wife trying to pawn her earrings. He's been up all night bar hopping, all sweaty, smelling like cheap Bourbon. Now he's in my pawn shop treating his wife like shit, trying to cash out on some cheap earrings. After I tell him those earring are cheap, he then tries to pawn a ring she had on her finger. This guy is truly the definition of an Asshole. The husband gets irate after I refuse his business. I couldn't take it anymore and had my partner escort this jackass out my shop. The wife was all shook up so I brought her back to my office to comfort her. Gave her some water and next thing you know she's rubbing my knee. Normally I would be the one doing the flirting, but today was different. Apparently they were high school sweetheart and the wife wants to be fucked by someone other then the husband. I'm not a home wrecker but if she wants the D, the the D you shall receive. Damn. I can get used to this. Fucking somebody's wife isn't so bad after all. Bye.