clubdinasky - Mommy's Punishment to Son - Full HD/MP4

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Studio: Clubdinasky
Model: Clubdinasky
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:15:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 1,5 GB

Description: This was a custom video roleplaying, Mom just got done with her workout and she is stretching, and strips out of her tight leggings and top, upon turning around she catches you (her son) watching her. She is totally taken back and in shock, and decides you need a punishment for spying on her like that, she demands you strip for her, and upon doing so she decides she knows exactly what she wants, she bends over and shoves her big juicy ass in your face, and talking loving like she tells you to lick her, eat her sweaty sexy holes. Making you work your tongue and rub you face with moms big ass, your getting so aroused by her, and she's enjoying every moment of it. She can't take it anymore and wants you big cock and slips you in as she's on top of you bouncing her big tits In your face, talking dirty and naughty, but you can't control yourself and can't hold it long at all, you accidentally blow your load inside of mommy. She is surprised but embraces it, taking her fingers and grabbing all the cum as it drips out of her pussy, and decides to rub it all over her big breasts, but she's not done with you because she knows you have more cum inside of those big saggy balls and mommy wants you to feel her cum all over your cock. She has you climb on top and slide it in and out of her until she can't take it anymore, each thrust brings her closer and she cums all over you. Before you know it you are cumming inside mommy again. She gets up and bends over to give you such an amazing view of your cum mess you just gave her, and declares that was the perfect punishment. Do note: While filming this video I did have a few issues with the lightning, so there are parts where the over exposure is a little higher, I did try my best to fix it, so the price is reduced for that reason. iF you like taboo role-plays, close ups, big ass, stretch marks, loving mommy talk, & big bouncing tits, then this is a good clip to watch