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Cover 2 Black Widow Defeated over and over XXX WMV HD - HD/MP4Cover 3 Black Widow Defeated over and over XXX WMV HD - HD/MP4Cover 4 Black Widow Defeated over and over XXX WMV HD - HD/MP4Screenlist Black Widow Defeated over and over XXX WMV HD - HD/MP4

Studio: Primals Darkside Superheroine
Role: Superheroine

Format: mp4
Duration: 00:48:50
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 1.1 GB

Description:Black Widow is searching a supposedly abandoned building which is obviously being used as a hide-out. She begins picking a lock when she is grabbed in a sleeper from behind. She wakes and findsherself tightly bound and in the hands of a ski mask wearing thug. He gropes her, makes threats and spanks her ass with no mercy. He says he doesn't have time to do what he wants withe her since hishide-out has been discovered but also letting her know that if she comes looking for him again he will have to get more "intimate"PART 2Black Widow tracks the thug down as he is breaking in to a hospital trying to steal anesthesia. Sher begins to beat the out of him, but he gets a mask over her face and puts her down. Now shewakes up restrained on the table where the thug taunts and threatens her and then shames her by making her cum with his mouthPART 3Recently a school caught fire. No one was hurt but Balck widow follows a hunch and discovers the thug, who seems to be expecting her and is very cock now. She gets a hold of him, but he has made aspray from what he stole from the hospital. She goes down again and finds herself bound to a chair. Again she is groped taunted and threatened. The thug exposes her and makes her cum, despite hedefiance. He offers to stop making her cum if she makes him cum. She refuses but little by little gives in and is left bound with the villains load dripping out of her mouthPART 4Black Widow has gotten free and caught up to the thug. This time she begins beating he mercilessly even smashing his balls her her knee over and over, but then she feels a sharp jab in her ass andthe room begins to spin. SHe wakes and is again bound, this time the thug is going to fuck her, and tells her she must have wanted this all along. He has his way, fucking her hard and deep while shestruggles against the ropes and the shameful feeling that her body is responding to the feeling of the hard thrusts. In the end she gives in and accepts his cock in her mouth again and he finishescovering her face and lips with his load