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Creator: Abigail Dupree
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:02:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 82,6 MB

Description: Perverting Innocence is the plot in this creepy story of how young Suzy was conditioned and the initial breaking-in training to be a sex slave. So innocent that she doesn't really know what is going on. These are recordings of the deflowering of yet another Graceful lily. The scene starts with Suzy handcuffed to a dirty seat-less chair still clothed from being nabbed about an hour before while walking alone at night in the dark by herself. The seat-less chair is a simple restraint device that gives the victim proper seated position by the back bar reversed, placed under the chin. While cuffed , she is properly restrained for the starting of her training to be chattel. Her conditioning include verbal brain washing, beatings while being controlled and conditioned in verbal commands. Suzy is desensitized sexually by being made to orgasm from her moms vibrator placed in her soft white fluffy panties. What is it like to really own someone, to really own a human slave? Is it any different than owning a dog or a cow? How would you treat your property and what would it mean to you? How would you break it, train it to make it serve you? The interrogation scene is a form of BDSM role play in which the participants act out the parts. As in real life dungeon chambers throughout the world over, the "interrogator" uses threats, humiliation and physical pain to extract whatever information he/she believes the "victim" possesses. The game is over when the victim has broken and divulged the secret. The length and severity of the scene will vary according to the temperament of the players. Dedicated players attempt to replicate the atmosphere of a real session and, as in real life, the "victim" can expect to be stripped naked, tied up, mocked and humiliated. tags; Interrogation, Abigail Dupree, Slave Training, Handcuffs, Restraints, Orgasm, Vibrator, Age Play, Role Play, Fear Play, Up Dress Peek, Panty Wetting, Impact Play, Blindfold Fetish,