Marissa Sweet - Silhouette Tease- JOI CBT - Full HD/MP4

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Creator: Marissa Sweet
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:18:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 2,7 GB

Description: This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: BACKGROUND Imagine the viewer as someone you've more or less friendzoned, whom you sometimes tease with talk of your sexual escapades.  You also enjoy a bit of bratty domination with the viewer - strictly with limits, of course, just friends!  You never touch the viewer, nor show your naked body, but you will direct the viewer in ways that amuse you. You know the viewer sometimes has a bit of a stamina/premature ejaculation issue, and there's obviously some cuckold undertones going on as well. REQUIREMENTS JOI with MILD tease/humiliation, with clothes-changing teases, that leads to a ruined orgasm. - Pretend you have a date with your sexy stud later, so you are trying on various sexy panties/bras/clothes.  Do the silhouette-style changing, so no details can be seen when naked (lest the viewer get too excited!).  When not changing, be fully visible.  At least one combo must be just bra/panties. - Teases and dialogue needs to reference the background, as well as stamina comparisons to your stud. - Varied kinds of jerking instructions, and should be centered around the premature ejaculation (e.g., only letting the viewer stroke for short periods, stop/go/stop/go, that sort of thing). - Must include some CBT - Ending: a ruined orgasm by complete removal of hands/stimulation.  (No constriction of the cock). Curly hair, worn down, please. No glasses SUGGESTIONS It would be great if some of your visual teases pantomimed sex with your stud.  Perhaps you could spend 10-20 seconds acting out doggy-style sex, showing your sexy butt and panties, moaning, etc.  (And stopping after 20 seconds, with a giggle, about not wanting to get the viewer too worked up). Format the video as if this is an ongoing tease/humiliation between us. You might pretend as if you have a date in, in which case you'd mostly concentrate on bra/panties/lingerie.  Or, it might be a date out, and you concentrate more on sexy/revealing outfits.  If you do the latter, I do find it highly erotic when a woman decides she doesn't need panties, but leaves her skirt/dress on. Be original/creative with the stroking/CBT instructions.  For instance, maybe anytime you are changing, the viewer must squeeze his balls, that sort of thing.  Also, different kinds of intense stroking, like just the head. My favorite colors on a lady are black and pink. I love miniskirts and dresses (as they let one flip up and tease the viewer with panties and the booty!). I prefer more light-hearted teasing/giggling/smirking/winking about the quick cumming/friendzone/cuckold, and avoid outright 'loser' or other harsh talk talk - we are friends after all, so keep things light.  Use word choices that emphasize patheticness (like 'have a cummy' instead of cumming).  I also love getting jerk/CBT instructions offhandedly in the middle of a teasing monologue. RESTRICTIONS - Avoid calling the viewer a loser outright: concentrate on teasing about specific sexual deficiencies;...