FionaDagger - Sneaky Impregnation Fuck - HD/MP4

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Creator: FionaDagger
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:18:54
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 302,4 MB

Description: Fiona says if you want to fuck her you've gotta use a condom today - she's at the most fertile point in her cycle and she doesn't want to risk it! You try and convince her that it's fine to not wear one, as you really want to cum in her pussy, for some reason the idea of getting her pregnant turns you on so much... But Fiona insists you wear one, so after you've played with her pussy and made her suck your cock for a while, you reluctantly put on a condom and start fucking her. After a couple of minutes though you think fuck it, and you quickly pull the condom off! Fiona doesn't realise and you go back to fucking her, god her pussy is so incredibly wet right now, her body is just begging to be fertilised. She cums twice as you fuck her and then you cum in her tight pussy... She won't be pleased when she realises, but it was totally worth it