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Creator: Roxy Cox
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:31:10
Resolution: 1918x1078
Size: 2,7 GB

Description: This goody two shoes and A+ student is applying for University but part of the application process requires a few mandatory sessions with a consellour. I attend my first session as I really want to get into Uni and need to do everything my counsellour advises me to have the best possible chance of being selected. My first session has gone so well and I thank my counselour for giving me such good notes and talking me through all I need to know and advising me on what's best for my future. You've really opened my eyes and I'm going to take these notes home to read and study and i'll be back well prepared for our next session. I arrive at the next session wearing my school uniform, I've already purchased it even though I've still not been guaranteed a place yet but I wanted to show my counsellor I'm ready to do what it takes. When I first enter I apologise to my counsellor, Sir I'm so sorry for not greeting you properly last time and I do as instructed in my notes and give a blowjob. This is how I am susposed to greet you Sir and taking your cock deep is a mark of the respect I have for you. I have even been practicing my deep throat and gagging skills to make sure I give you a good greeting every session from now on. It's a privledge to suck your dick and I worship your cock and will take your big load all over my face sir and I love when it drips down my face so I can smell how good your cum is and taste every drop. I really believe everything my counsellor, so young and naive and i'll do what I'm told as I need to get into uni and I'll know if I'm a good girl, Sir will put in a good word for me. With my hair in pigtail as Sir requested and no panties on underneath my skirt, I strip down so Sir can see all of my hot tight body. I must obey Sir's every word, he is the professional afterall with much more experience than me he wants me to have a good future. He is going to tell me more but I need to sit on his dick and ride his cock as I listen, Sir tells me that I should forget everything I learned at school and stop reading books and watch porn all the time. I should break up with my boyfriend and only take Sir's cock from now on and that I need to stop taking my birth control pills so Sir impregnate me and knock me up. I ride Sir's cock and beg for all of his cum and he blows a huge load deep inside me. But he's got more for me and want's to make sure he really knock's me up and I ride him again and he shoots another huge creampie inside me. I lick the excess cum dripping out of my cunt and eat it, Sir's cum tastes so good and I must not waste a drop. When my boyfriend finds out I fucked my counsellor to get into uni and he's got me pregnant he'll dump me anyways for being a cheating slut so I wont have to break up with him. Sir is pleased that I'm now his good little fucktoy and asks me if I've ever done anal. I never have taken a cock up my ass but I have to please Sir so he gets me to finger my ass until I'm able to stuff all fingers in my tig...