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Creator: Roxy Cox
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:15:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 927,7 MB

Description: Princess Peach is just minding her own business when suddenly she is teleported to a strange room, with some weird guy looking at her. She thinks it must be one of Bowsers minions who did this and took her to this place. She explains to the guy staring at her she knows what is going on, this is all part of Bowser's plan to steal me away again. The man replies that he is her Hero that saves her all the time and that he is here to eat the cake she promised. She only promised Mario who is her hero some cake but Peach knows this man is not him. She replies that he is not Mario and that's when the mind control kicks in. It really is her Hero, here to save her again but she did not prepare any cake. But Peach makes a suggestion we can make a pie together, let's make a cream pie! Peach quickly changes from damsel in distress to a horny bitch and teases the Hero a little in her beautiful dress and eventually stripping out of it with her white gloves still on and crown on top of her head. The princess knows whats she wants and shows off her sexy hot body, squeezing her tits together and takes off one glove to tease her pussy and take her Hero's big cock deep inside her wet pussy. Pretty princess Peach is getting fucked hard. Peach praises the hero's big cock, which she can't get enough of and just worship's his huge dick. The princess rides on top of her hero's big cock until he fills her with cum and Peach gets a big creampie. She plays with the cum and loves to taste it off her sticky fingers. But Peach still isn't satisfied and hasn't got her fill she wants more and she sucks his big cock to get him hard again, she wants to taste another pie. She bends over to take his big cock in her asshole and he fucks her good until her ass get another big creampie and Peach loves it. Pushing the cum back out and there's so much of it you can see bubbles and Peach loves to lick it and taste the cum from her ass. The princess got what she wanted and you can save me anytime my Hero. Peach starts of as girly girl but as soon as the mind control kicks in she changes to a very dirty greedy slut who loves big dicks and cum