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Creator: Roxy Cox
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:15:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Description: I'm getting ready for my new man who's coming over soon. You my housemate arrive home to find me dressed in my skintight leather jeans with g-string pulled up high, latex crop top and spiked high heels. While finishing off the last last of my makeup, applying my red lipstick you ask me about who I'm seeing and ask me to describe him. This is when I reveal to you that I love big black cock and my new man has a big huge thick 9" black dick and he's coming over to fuck me so I tell you not to wait up. You say you have something to tell me, so as I get up to grab a cigarette you reveal that you have a huge crush on me. I sit down and as I'm smoking I tell you I'm seeing this new guy and that I doubt you can compete with him, he's got the whole package and that huge dick wins me over. I ask what you have to offer me and you tell me your only a measly 3 inches, I start laughing and you have just confessed to me that your a tiny little dick loser. Your embarassed by that baby cock of yours but you wanted me to know deep down just how small you are. This changes everything, your little secret is out and you can't hide it anymore. I tell you to show me just how small you are, you reluctantly take it out in front of me as I make fun of your pathetic manhood. So tiny and small I laugh at your little dick, you will never ever get to touch me with that useless dick. I really want to humiliate you and I have a fun idea, I'm going to have you watch me get fucked by a real man when my guy comes over with his big black cock to fill me up. While I'm waiting for him to come over I tease you with my hot ass in my tight leather leggings, I'd make you blow just looking at me loser. My bbc arrives and I tell you to look at what you will never ever have. I love BBC and your dick will never ever be big enough to please me. His black shaft is so big and thick that I struggle to fit it i my mouth. From now on your my little baby cuckold to laugh at and torment whenever I feel like it. I bent over pull down those leather jeans and he slides that big black dick inside my tight pussy pounding me hard. I then lie back those pants pulled down to my ankles fucking me harder and I tell you how much I love his cock and how much of a loser you are wanking watching me get fucked by a real man. I tell you to blow your little load while his bbc fills me with his huge black load. I make you wish you never told me you had a little dick and make you eat your own cum like a good little cuck. You'll be my bitch boy from now on loser