Princess18 - strange custom: swallow control - HD/MP4

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Creator: Princess18
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:05:22
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 383,9 MB

Description: strange custom vid! Custom vid request was: I loved watching you show off your messy, wet, slobbery, awesome & sexy deep throat skills in your clip! You have amazing throat control! And also awesome to watch your beautiful face, eyes, smile and very gorgeous shoulders, your spit-play tease onto your tits, fucking your tits, and your very lovely long sexy neck and superbly sensuous sternal notch (that gorgeous little hollow where your collarbones meet)! I would love to see more of your erotic neck and throat skills! Would you consider making a swallowing clip, the main focus being on your gorgeous neck and sternal notch, the camera view from your face down to the top of your chest, your hair tied back to show off your neck. You would have a platter of fruit pieces, whole grapes, cut-up chunks of banana, kiwi, orange, melon, whatever you have available, but certainly grapes would be a must. You take each piece of fruit, place it in your mouth and swallow it whole without chewing. If you wish, have some yoghurt or cream to dip the fruit in to help lubricate its travel and create a nice erotic mess as well! Depending on individual anatomy, sometimes a visible bulge can be seen in the neck/sternal notch as the fruit goes down. It would be awesome to see if you can challenge your throat to take down a piece large enough to see a lump in your sexy neck as you swallow the fruit! Don't worry about any sounds you produce as you train your throat to take the big pieces down - any gags, loud gulps, squeaks, gurgles or burps are most welcome