Marissa Sweet - Exhibitionist Housewife - SD/MP4

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Creator: Marissa Sweet
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:30:22
Resolution: 854x480
Size: 607,8 MB

Description: This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: The premise is that you're an exhibitionist housewife and have called me to do some painting in your house. I would like you to answer the door wearing only socks & a tight tank top (or camisole) with your hair panties. You act like I caught you by surprise, but don't try to cover up. You then tell me to follow you so you can show me a ceiling to paint. I get a great view of your ass as I follow you upstairs. I then get to see even more as you reach up to point out the stain on the ceiling. Fast forward...I am painting and you come in and sit down on the couch to begin reading. You sit with your legs open as wide as possible to give me a great view of your lovely pussy. It excites you to know that you are tantalizing me with the view, but you act like you don't notice. After shifting to a couple positions to give me different open-leg views, you answer the phone to take a call from your husband. You tell him that you are feeling horny today and begin to move your hips in anticipation of a nice cock...he then makes you promise to wait until he gets home. After you hang up, you ask if you can help clean up. I agree and your start wiping/dusting around the room...bending over and getting on your knees, giving me nice views from behind as you spread your knees wide to tease me as you scrub difficult spots on the floor. I tell you that I am finished...when you ask me how much you owe, I tell you nothing...that the view was well worth it. You thank me and say that you will be calling me again. Please no masturbation or toys