Marissa Sweet - Husband Exploits Wife For A Bet - SD/MP4

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Creator: Marissa Sweet
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:31:52
Resolution: 854x480
Size: 628,8 MB

Description: This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: The premise for my video is that you are my yoga-instructor wife, and have reluctantly agreed to give a free session to me and a couple of my buddies. You come out dressed only in knee socks, thong bottom (as small as possible), and a tight athletic top like the one in your “Sweat” video (please have hair pulled back, no glasses, and be clean shaven as usual). Then you lead us though a yoga routine that is filmed from our point of view on the floor behind you. I would like the poses to consist of mostly sexy views such as “happy baby”, “puppy dog stretch”, “reclining bound angel”, downward dog”, “firefly” (if possible) …saving the last pose to be the one you used for me when you were cleaning the floor in our first custom video (my favorite!). After the you complete each pose, I tell you that we really enjoyed that…but I explain that I recently lost a golf bet to my two buddies, and that I promissed to let them watch you perform the yoga session bottomless (the guys are obsessed with your fabulous ass and are jealous of me). You say “no way” and that you can’t believe I would agree to that. I tell you that your body is amazing and it should be admired. You angrily turn around and bend over to peel your panties off. You ask me one more time if I am sure that I don’t mind and that I owe you big time. You then perform each of the poses again, making sure to give us great wide-open views. Soon you begin to enjoy teasing the other guys (and punishing me for exploiting your body)…so you can’t help but smile and be provocative. After you finish, you grab a towel to wipe off…taking your time and not even trying to cover up. Finally, you sit on a chair facing us (so that you are only a few feet away, but can still see your face on camera). You sit with your legs open as wide as possible, teasing them more as you talk with us and have some water to cool down…you say that you really didn’t mind them watching and invite them to come back any time