Roxy Cox - Humilliating JOI - Full HD/MP4

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Creator: Roxy Cox
Format: mp4
Duration: 00:10:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 624,2 MB

Description: You want to jerk off for your hot goddess, I'm only going to let you because I enjoy mocking your dumb face as you attempt to wank that loser dick for me. I'll tell you to wank while I laugh at the faces you pull as you wank. Look at how pathetic you look, it's so fucking funny and there you are stroking furiously looking more and more stupid by the second. Your even getting all cross eyed, what a dumb loser you are. "Oh mistress I can't help it, it feels so good", your annoying whimper and pleas are so pathetic. You really are a worthless piece of crap. I continue to mock you, intimidating your pitiful moaning, whining voice.It's even more funny when you get close to cumming and you start shouting "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" over and over, then before you actually are allowed to cum you start whimpering. You announce when you are going to cum you fucking idiot, and whimper like a little bitch and beg can I cum mistress please. Such a fucking dumb loser, you don't even deserve to but I just enjoy laughing at your pathetic build up to an orgasm. Making you beg and plead with that silly face. I enjoy humilliating how you jerk off and your lousy pre-orgasm habits. Come on show me that dumb orgasm face, remind me how fucking stupid you look loser. That pathetic little cock is going to cum and you start to whimper and I laugh at just how pathetic it is to see you achieve orgasm